I have finished the 20 days of my Modified Elimination Diet!  It’s great to know that I am now able to gradually add foods back in.  I chose to start with dairy and after eating some cheese and frozen yogurt, it seems like my stomach can tolerate dairy just fine.

Unfortunately, my stomach is still slow, it burns, and I feel bloated and full.  I knew that this plan probably wasn’t going to fix all of my problems, but it was definitely the best option for possibly helping me feel better.  I do have some great days where I don’t have any stomach issues, but I also had some of those days before starting this diet.  The reality is that I still have gastroparesis and it’s possible that I will have it forever.  I am trying to stay positive and stick with eating the foods that I know do not bother my stomach, exercise regularly, and try to stay stress-free (stress makes my symptoms worse).

I saw my chiropractor on Friday and he says there are still some things I can try.  I will continue seeing him once a week and having my back adjusted.  We will be discussing what I should try next at my appointment next week.

I started working again on Friday after having the summer off for school and to try to get my health figured out.  I am a dietary aide at a hospital so I wash a lot of dishes but also help with serving food and food preparation.  On Saturday, my boss had me scheduled to cook.  I had never made food for a large volume of people before so it was a bit intimidating.  I made jambalaya, fish and chips, and various side dishes.  The patients came back for seconds so I guess I did a good job!

Other than work, I made a trip to the driving range, played a round of mini golf (I got a hole in one!), and finally got to eat some frozen yogurt.

Third place!

Now I am off to relax.  Tomorrow is the first day of my last year of school!

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